Faber Castell

All about Faber-Castell

Faber CastellFaber-Castell, a German based company founded in 1971, with branches in several countries, specializes in the production of high quality pens, pencils and other supplies such as erasers, slide rulers, rulers and staplers. The company is well-known for the production and provision of top-notch office, kids, general purpose and professional artwork pencils. The products are just not of best quality but also beat the competitors in style and designs. From kids to professionals, all feel really comfortable in working with these products. With products distributed through online retailers and dealers, the company is growing in international reputation.

What makes Faber-Castell the best?

Faber-Castell pays due importance to innovation and creativity. Its diverse product range exemplifies the consistent commitment towards best end user experience. Working with international interdisciplinary research and development teams, the company keeps on improving it drawing tools, making them indispensable for art, crafts, scrapbooking and paper crafting.

The major product categories include general writing instruments, design writing instruments, playing and learning, art and technical and Faber-Castell perfect pencil range. General writing instruments constitute grip range, markers and highlighters. Different designs in pens and ballpoints include ondoro, e-motion, loom and ambition. It also presents an impressive range of organizers, purses, accessory cases, super-compact pockets made up of genuine leather, provided in vibrant colours.

Playing and learning is a really interesting range that offers concepts like swinging circus, snippety-snip, painting school and trendy tattoo markers. The packing containing exercise books, idea books, colour pencils, crayons, water paints, super three point grip pencils and coloured pens are quite popular among kids as well as teenagers. MARA's painting range is another creative and colourful concept brought by Faber-Castell. It involves creative card designs based on stressless painting. This brilliant assortment of drawing tools facilitates highly expressive colouring in your own style.

Buying Faber-Castell for Cheap

Faber-Castell offers a notable assortment of drawing tools. With recommendable performance, they are really a good value for money. Online as well as offline retailers in shops around cities keep on adding offers daily. Though given for a short period, but if availed, let you enjoy remarkable discounts on your favourite products. Various online stores offer occasional sales such as summer clearance sale, Christmas and Easter, selling items on up to 70% off price. Besides, the site has its own store locator. Just enter the zip code and brand of choice to get the best deals offered.